Painting portraits with words, writing poetry with pictures.

Spectacular vernacular;
Pique physique.
Wise eyes, quirk in your smirk.
Rest on chest, dart on heart;
No-flab, abs.
Quick trick, disco-stick;
Thighs where thunder lies.
Bees knees, sweet feet.

You do, love me do. 

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In all my duality, springs up personality. In all my complication, comes forth imagination.

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"I’m so jealous of your life,

You have every single thing.

You got parents, you got money,

You got love, and a ring.”

Don’t you know?

That ain’t even half

Of what you see, baby.

I got problems just like everybody else, darling.

You try comforting your brother,

Crying on your shoulder

'Bout your Mama & that man,

& the things he do to her.

All the secrets, all the lies,

All the laughs, all the cries,

Was it real? Was it bought?

Was it all really for naught?

Tears get colder, we get older,

And we can’t but help but face it.

Cause we live it everyday,

Life’s a gift, please don’t waste it.

You’re so beautiful when you cry, but even more beautiful when you smile.

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You are like a fog; I can’t see where I’m going, nor is there any beacon of light to guide me towards you. I am frightened of the uncertainty you make me feel, but at the same time, I am excited. The mist that shrouds your appearance, hiding both good tidings and bad, instills fear in me but tempts me all the while.

When will the light of truth reveal what I so long to see?

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Stop your wandering, & come home.

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Your inspiration is imagination due to societal plagiarization.

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You make me dream in colors that don’t exist.

Driving home, a crisp air tonight. A cloudy dream, visions of our hands letting go; your eyes closing from weariness in the wee hours of the night. A sunrise: tiers of yellow, orange, and blue. Cold air, tickling my skin while overlooking the city. Your warm arms caressing me, I forget my vulnerability. I forget I am me. I remember we are us. I remember we are together. I remember we are one. Driving to you, a sunny afternoon. A lucid dream, visions of our hands clasping; your eyes opening in the early morning. A sunset: pink melting into blue. My head against your chest, the melody of your heart auscultations is a symphony to my ears. You kiss me, cradling my lips in yours, & I remember my strength. I remember I am me. I remember we are individuals. I remember we are apart. I remember we are separate.

Meet me at the horizon. 

I saw another shooting star last night. The colors illuminated from orange, red, then to blue. The tail cascaded like a ribbon, tying my wish to you. Like the red string around our fingers, connecting us forever; a bond you cannot see, but one you can certainly feel. They do say, after all, that what may be invisible to the eye, may be almost blinding for the heart. This is what such omens mean to me. I hope they mean the same thing to you too.

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