Painting portraits with words, writing poetry with pictures.

Driving home, a crisp air tonight. A cloudy dream, visions of our hands letting go; your eyes closing from weariness in the wee hours of the night. A sunrise: tiers of yellow, orange, and blue. Cold air, tickling my skin while overlooking the city. Your warm arms caressing me, I forget my vulnerability. I forget I am me. I remember we are us. I remember we are together. I remember we are one. Driving to you, a sunny afternoon. A lucid dream, visions of our hands clasping; your eyes opening in the early morning. A sunset: pink melting into blue. My head against your chest, the melody of your heart auscultations is a symphony to my ears. You kiss me, cradling my lips in yours, & I remember my strength. I remember I am me. I remember we are individuals. I remember we are apart. I remember we are separate.

Meet me at the horizon. 

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